Vivek Srinivasan has been a career long consultant. He chose the career because he does not have the capability to dwell on one thing for long. He has also been an entrepreneur for the past decade.

Vivek Srinivasan has been working with startups for the past 10 years as a consultant. He co-founded a startup platform called Startups Club¬†with Salma Moosa. Startups Club started out as a hobby and developed into an accidental startup. He chronicles the tale in his book ‘A Thought to a Million Dollars’.

He is very interested in early stage startups and the development of the startup ecosystem. This pursuit has taken Startups Club to 20 cities in India and Dublin, Ireland. He is incredibly interested in Science and Technology. He also takes deep interest in economics, business and politics.

He contributes regularly to Entrepreneur.com and Inc42.com and has had the opportunity to speak at TEDx.

He loves to travel and has travelled extensively across continental Europe. An aspiring writer, after 10 years of trying he finally published his first one in 2017.