Vivek Srinivasan has been working with startups for the past decade. He has had the privilege of working with over a thousand founders during this time mentoring them and guiding them through their ventures. He has also spoken at over 500 platforms on topics varying from business to economics to technology. He also writes on these topics and publishes them on various platforms. He runs a startup support platform called Startup Squares.

Vivek started his career in Retail Consulting and moved out of Retail to set up his first venture Prudence Advisors with Salma Moosa. He worked with several entrepreneurs to help them set up with ventures. These projects were undertaken on a turnkey basis. They then founded Startups Club in 2013 to create a platform to support early-stage startups and have been engaged in the same ever since. Startups Club provided him with an opportunity to travel the length and breadth of India and engage with entrepreneurs from over 30 cities in the country. Further, he has been engaged with several international initiatives in countries such as France, Canada, and Estonia amongst others.

He has a good grasp of technology and has led to the development of tech products. He has also played a role as a part of an investment committee of a fund and is well acquainted with the dynamics of fundraising and investment.

He has co-authored a book with Salma called A Thought to a Million Dollars which chronicles the early days of Startups Club. They wrote it to give entrepreneurs an inside view of what goes on in a new venture.