Vivek Srinivasan

Startup Mentor working with early stage startups;
and trying to encourage more startups in universities.

Vivek has been engaged with startups for the past 8 years. During this time he has had the opportunity to work with businesses from various industries and engage in various aspects of stating a business. He brings this experience to bear, on the startups that he works with. He is extremely interested in cutting-edge technology, education and space. He contributes his blogs regularly to various publications such as, Inc42, Bizztor.

He has co-founded Prudence Advisors and Startups Club with Salma Moosa.

Things I Can Do

The last 10 years has given me an opportunity to try my hand at doing a lot of things. I am good at a few things and keep trying to get better at them.

  • Mentoring
  • Finance
  • Writing & Speaking
  • Strategy
  • Product Definition
  • Technology

A Few Accomplishments

Not the one to brag, but there are a few noteworthy things which I have accomplished over the coure of my existance on this planet.

Spoke at TEDx

I was invited to speak at TEDx VIT Vellore, where I spoke on the subject of "Potential". I believe India has great potential but how can we achieve it?

First Generation Entrepreneur

I came from a family that would dissuade me to venture out on my own. I have started and been involved in many ventures, many not so successful, but a few successful ones. Failure teaches you more than success ever can.

Lost 20 Kgs

I was amazingly unhealthy and weighed in at 92Kgs at one point of time. I lost 20 Kgs in 14 months thanks to my trainer, Mathew.

My TEDx Talk

I spoke on the subject of Potential and what we should focus on, for India as a nation could achieve its potential.