Vivek Srinivasan

Mentor, Speaker, Thinker.

Vivek knows a little about a lot of things. He is an avid reader and dives into a variety of topics including science, politics, economics, business and art. He enjoys the intersection of all of these subjects and loves to talk about all of these.

You can learn more about him on this website.

Engaging Student to build the Future - Vivek Srinivasan

Some Quirky Stuff
  • Vivek Srinivasan wrote a book in 12 hours only to realise that it still took about a year to get it published and out to the press.

  • Vivek lost 20 Kgs over the course of 15 months. It was a lot of work and a lot of effort but ultimately very satisfying and enriching experience. I learnt a lot about myself in the process.

  • Travelled to Europe and visited 7 cities in 8 days across 4 countries because he wanted to see everything. Turned out Vivek need a vacation after that vacation. Those 7 days were work. Also he had to book only 2 nights in a hotel, was travelling most nights!

  • Startups Club has ensured that Vivek travels the length and breadth across India. Has travelled to more than 20 states in India and will be adding more in the days to come.

Blog Updates

What is Stem Cell?

I happened to learn about Stem Cells last week and wanted to share this short note! Cancer researchers started treating cancerous cells with radiation. While they found that this kills the cancerous cells, along with it, the radiation also kills several types of blood cells. We call this chemotherapy After the treatment was done researchers

Growth CEO Vs Turnaround CEO

Almost every company is a real life experiment which is led by a CEO who determines them. You never know what is going to come out of the experiment. Leaders who build these companies are hoping that the experiments play out in their favour. Once an experiment is found to work, more and more money

The case for being nice

Demo Day recently got concluded and the torrent of people that I met forced me to think about being nice. There were some that I just wanted to speak more with, while others that I wanted to avoid. I meet about a hundred people each week. Some are fleeting introductions and some are much more

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