Vivek Srinivasan

Mentor, Speaker, Thinker.

Vivek knows a little about a lot of things. He is an avid reader and dives into a variety of topics including science, politics, economics, business and art. He enjoys the intersection of all of these subjects and loves to talk about all of these.

You can learn more about him on this website.


Engaging Student to build the Future - Vivek Srinivasan

Some Quirky Stuff
  • Vivek Srinivasan wrote a book in 12 hours only to realise that it still took about a year to get it published and out to the press.

  • Vivek lost 20 Kgs over the course of 15 months. It was a lot of work and a lot of effort but ultimately very satisfying and enriching experience. He learnt a lot about himself in the process.

  • Travelled to Europe and visited 7 cities in 8 days across 4 countries because he wanted to see everything. Turned out Vivek need a vacation after that vacation. Those 7 days were work. Also he had to book only 2 nights in a hotel, was travelling most nights!

  • Startups Club has ensured that Vivek travels the length and breadth across India. Has travelled to more than 20 states in India and will be adding more in the days to come.

Blog Updates


Our tomorrow is a result of the seeds we sow today. But we cannot know for a fact what our tomorrow will look like. We take steps today based on what we anticipate tomorrow; but that we know not. We make a payment on an e-commerce site because we expect them to deliver. What if

How we see

Self-driving cars are hard to do. Most of the engineering that is currently is focused on making the car see. Part of the reason for this is the world is actually built for you and I. Our roads are not designed with embedded sensors to help self-driving cars see. Its meant for us to see

Solar Car from Sion Motors

Since the Electric Car resolution started, I have wondered why wouldn’t anybody want to use the car itself to produce energy. A car is driven in the open and therefore exposed to sunlight during the day. Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight to energy using a principle called the Photo Electric Effect; the discovery of which got

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