General Thinking

Causing Death

Does not sound like a good thing to do. Also, works horribly if the business you are involved in is going to end up doing precisely that.

And still the car industry thrives.

When motor cars were first introduced, there were a large number of accidents that took place.

In the entire state of Ohio there were 2 cars in 1985 and they managed to find one another!

The first fatality in 1907

Things just went downhill from there as more and more cars came on road and today in the US alone an average of almost 100 people die of car accidents everyday!

When the first fatality occurred due to the self-driving car, the program was halted! Imagine we had done the same in 1890’s.

But how do you act sympathetic towards a business that will most certainly fail from time to time and end up killing people?

General Thinking

Why the Electric Future will not deliver

The future may well be electric, but it is not going to come be the way we may imagine it to be.

We are busy designing and building a future where Lithium Ion batteries will dominate almost everything. The truth of the matter is that, the chart above tells a different story. There is limited amount of Lithium and Cobalt on the planet. We will hit a wall in terms of supply sooner than later.

This dream will fall apart like a pack of cards. We need an alternate technology.