Finding your Co-founder

Last week we had a great Startups Club meet at Chennai. The topic of the meeting was ‘Finding your Co-founder’. We had a discussions about the importance of a co-founder, after which, we arrived at the customary game. As a part of the game, all of the individuals who were present in the room were divided into two groups. Each was handed a slip which contained the name of an animal.
The participants were suppose to act like the animal mentioned on the slip and find their pair in the other team. As soon as the activity began, people started finding their pairs. It all happened really fast!
Once most of the members had found their pair, we got down to understand what we had learnt from the entire exercise:
Don’t be afraid to be who you are – In the context of the game, individuals were forced to act like a monkey, a dog, etc. Those who were not afraid of being what they were, were the first to find their counterpart. In life as well it is important to be who you are to find your right match. Pretending to be a person who you are not might get you a co-founder, but in the long run it will end in disaster.
Be around the kind of people who you are looking for – If you are seeking a technical person, there is no point in going to startup meets and looking for them. Go to places which such people frequent. Go to ‘Developers Conferences’ where you are certain to find people who have a technical background. hang out where you are certain they would!
When you find an opportunity don’t judge it and embrace it – We all have a view of ourselves. The way the world views us might not be the same as the way we view ourselves. Therefore, it is important to stop judging, when seeking a co-founder. You might be mighty surprised with what you find. Don’t stereotype people on the basis of how they look, talk, walk, etc. be open to everyone, you might be surprised how smart a ragged looking guy might turn out to be.
Keep moving forward – One of the member who did not find his corresponding partner, found out at the end of the game that the person next to him was the one! An entrepreneurs life is filled with challenges and difficulties. Just because a couple of attempts do not work out for you, does not mean nothing would. If you stop moving forward, you move backwards.
Never give up as an entrepreneurs, you might just be about to strike gold!

Co-Founders II

For any startup it’s greatest asset is the time that it’s founders are able to dedicate to the venture. Apart from the time that they are able to extend every person has a set of contact sphere and these contact sphere gives him/her access to certain resources. Resources that otherwise would have been difficult to secure (Space, money, people, marketing reach, client connects, etc.). This fact alone makes the need for a co-founder paramount.

Also, the presence of a co-founder(s) implies that the business has that many more hours from the founders. This is akin to having found more investment.

Talent and the determination to succeed are the currency which startups need most.

If you have a set of highly enterprising individuals who know how to tap their networks effectively, it is even possible to get into real estate business with an extremely small investment.

A startup really does not need money as much as it needs talented and enterprising people. The money is like grease in a machine; it makes thing smoother, easier; the absence of it means more friction (read difficulty); but money does not guarantee success, good people do. Get a team of good people together, the money will find you instead of the other way around.