3D Printing to Build

3D printing promised to end all manufacturing and change supply chain forever. It has not deliver on that promise, yet. For a period of time it seemed like 3D printing would only be used by geeks to play with. To build quick and easy components for electronics.

Very specialised application for 3D Printing in healthcare began to emerge where the tech was being used to print skin grafts. This eventually led to cartilage and finally entire organs. The number of tests and certifications needed to bring this to mainstream use has meant that the technology has remained mostly experimental.

Construction seems to be the salvation for 3D printing with the rising adoption of the technology to build houses.



It remains to be seen where things will go from here and what we would be able to achieve in 5 years time with 3D printing but building a house in 24 hours seems to be a really neat application to get started with.





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