Having your sights on the goal!

So yesterday, my partner’s son had gone to an amusement park and his bag got misplaced. Worse the bag had his newly acquired iPhone. He was still at the amusement park when we came to know of this, and as you would expect it was shocking to hear this.
After the initial “Oh Shit!” “God!” and other choice expressions, we resigned to the fact that the phone was lost. At this point it just occurred to me that the phone could be tracked using his iCloud account. After calling the phone up to see if it was switched on, I lodged into iCloud. The moment iCloud came live and we could see the phone on the map, a new aggression swept the room. “Screw the driver, ask him to wait, you go back into the park!”
Directions were being given, every micro-movement on the map was being tracked and there was this sense of excitement (at being able to see the phone and being so close to getting it); a sense of frustration (when the directions were not being understood); a sense of teamwork (trying to work out alternate ways of explaining the same set of directions); all combined into one; finally we located the device.
It got me thinking how important it is, in general, to be focussed on the goal that one want to achieve because once you have that in sights, the energy that gets infused, by being able to see that goal is immense. This is the energy that makes impossible, possible. Makes groundbreaking innovation, reality. Makes lofty targets, achievable. Having your goal in sight is the fuel that energizes a team during the toughest of times and makes entrepreneurs successful.
This is the fuel, the energy that any startup desperately needs. Never take your eyes off your goal.






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