The Blueprints Club

For a good part of the last 6 months, we have been pondering over the absence of sufficient number of startups emerging out of Engineering Colleges. On one of our visits to VIT, Vellore; we decided to work along with VIT-TBI to have the opportunity to work with young students with ideas. As a part of this initiative we decided to setup a platform called “The Blueprints Club” through which we could bring such students together.

Yesterday was a very important day; we launched The Blueprints Club (TBC) in VIT University, Vellore.

The reason we created this platform is two fold. Firstly, for students to be able to develop their ideas, they invariably require interdisciplinary skills. In an institution like VIT, where each branch consists of more than 600 students; they rarely get to meet all of the students who are a part of their own branch, let alone other branches! It is important that the mingling of like minds takes place in order to achieve greater goals. TBC provides a platform through which students with similar thoughts, expectations and hopes can meet one another, share their thoughts and find others who have similar passions. Also, in order to keep up the morale and motivation of the students who are pursuing their own ideas, they need to be able to see those who have succeeded in the pursuit.  This platform provides an opportunity for student teams to showcase what they have been doing and how far they have developed it.

Apart from this, we intend to bring in expert speakers and people from the startup eco-system to provide the students much needed knowledge and perspective about what they are trying to do.

We hope that this small step will play a huge role in the development of startup ideas within this university. We move forward with great hope and anticipation.





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