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  • Taxing Carbon Selectively

    The EU wants to tax carbon but not in ways that would hurt its economy.

  • Tughlaq Returns

    The whims of rulers are always bad for the populace

  • Learning by Proxy | Antitrust – Travel – Economy

    Whenever the stock markets have reached historic peaks only one thing has followed – a humongous collapse. Most markets across the world are either past or flirting with historic highs. When will the bottom fall out?  It is a little more complicated. Apple posted a record quarter, that too in the middle of the pandemic.…

  • Economy – after COVID

    Every economy in the world today has two types of income centres – Internal Consumption and External Consumption.  Internal consumption is all of the things bought and used by the people of your own country. External Consumption is all of the things that you sell to other countries because you are either really good at…

  • Costs we incur without knowing

    This is an image I took today morning at ITPL, Whitefield. This security guard was protected by sand bags and all. I have had the privilege of going to the ‘Madras Sappers’ campus in Bangalore which is a military establishment and there is no sentinel in place there once you pass the gate. Truth be…