Building a world for the self-driving car

I was reading today morning and I saw this blog talk about the potential of self-driving vehicles being able to see around corners of the street by reflecting lasers.

We have built the world around us with the assumption that ONLY we will use it; which has been a fair assumption to make until now…

The roads, the traffic signs, the markings on the road, everything is built for a world where a human is driving the car. Would it be the same had we built the world for self-driving cars? Definitely not. And some of the technologies that are starting to emerge are making this lack of fit so far as design is concerned, very obvious.

As referenced in my previous blog electronics are going to get easier to build. Imagine a road where the road markers are made of Graphene and have sensors and guides built into it which can provide car a better spatial reference. This would make designing the cars so much more easier.

All of the self-driving technology today is based on visual mapping because the roads are designed as such. I think it is important to start having conversations about how the roads of tomorrow would look and start engaging with startups and governmental infrastructure planners to build the cities of tomorrow.






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