Future of Electronics

The impact that graphene is going to have on the future of electronics cannot be underestimated. Graphene is a carbon structure which is one atom thick. Image a sheet of carbon only one atom thick being used for building a whole host of solutions including batteries and advanced circuits.

Now scientists are finding a way to print graphene using laser on anything that is made of carbon, including your bread and your clothes.

The process can embed or burn patterns that could be used as supercapacitors, radio frequency identification (RFID) antennas or biological sensors. Based on these results, the researchers theorized that any substance with a reasonable amount of carbon can be turned into graphene. To test this theory, Tour’s team sought to burn LIG into food, cardboard and several other everyday, carbon-based materials.

This is revolutionary and powerful. It has the potential to change where we put electronics and how we put it there. If you are excited about electronics and the future of it, this is the piece your should be working on!





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