The right kind of friction

Slide a muslin cloth past wet hands. 

If your hand is too wet, the cloth gets wet as well and would let your hand easily slide past. 

If your hand is dry then the cloth will easily slide past as well.

But… If your hand is just a little wet, there is enough friction to have the cloth stuck to the hand.

Every relationship requires friction. If there is too much friction it is a problem and if there is too little friction it gets boring. Just right amount keeps everyone interested.

You will see this with movies also, too many plot twists and you lose interest, too little and it is limp, you need just right amount. 

Think if you are an app, too many notifications and too much happening, I just can’t keep up and I leave it. Too little and I think it going to be the same thing what is the point in revisiting. You need to find just enough.

How do you create this tension between your business and your customer? Where they neither care too much nor too little, just enough to keep them coming back. Finding this balance is the key to building a successful enterprise.

What intrigues your customer/user? What makes them sit up and take notice? What causes them to think or even feel some discomfort? 







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