A Thought to a Million Dollars

Its not everyday that you seek to write a book. Its even rarer when someone comes to you says you MUST write a book.

We were told that we must write a book about Startups Club since it was a journey that was unlike what most entrepreneurs would see.

Startups Club was a hobby that amassed a huge member base, it was a hobby that found investor support. With that support, Startups Club, the company was born. The company had no channels of income, no products or services. It had one thing though, a community. The question was what were we to do with it?

The journey of Startups Club is a surprising one, even for us when we revisit it from time to time. A hobby that became a startups.

So over the course of one weekend in Goa, in the span of 12 hours, we beat out our book ‘A Thought to a Million Dollars’. It is a product of 12 hours of work and chronicles the journey that has been Startups Club.

At several points it felt a little arrogant as well as presumptuous of us to write this book so early in our journey. But we wanted to put it out there as raw as possible, as close to the ground as possible. To talk about the ups and downs and the struggles that make the journey of a startup.

We did not hold back anything, and we hope that those of you who get this book like it. For us it is as close to an auto-biography as it could be.

Look forward to hearing from our readers…

You can find it at – NotionPress | Amazon






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