AI for Good

One of the questions I often used to be asked was; Would AI cause joblessness?

My answer always was, a hammer can be used to make things or destroy things. The hammer is not at fault, it is the user, usually, a man wielding the hammer who is at fault.

AI will not cause joblessness. AI in the hands of the capitalist certainly will. The fundamental tenet of capitalism is to hoard money till the day you die, only so that the next generation can continue the good work.

Economists believe that for some people, it is the only way that they can be “motivated”.

I came across an advertisement this morning. The video had a snippet of Shah Rukh Khan and hence I assumed that it had something to do with the political saga unfolding around his son. I was gladly surprised!

This is the ad.

The ad asks local retailers to go to and make their own ad with Shah Rukh Khan endorsing their store. They can use the video to promote their store on Whatsapp or on any other social media.

You do not expect Shah Rukh Khan to be shooting a million videos right!

Here comes AI to the rescue.

There you see how AI is used to make something good. This is also the power of AI. Do you want to make or break things, you decide.

PS – This is not an endorsement of Cadbury’s. I think it is fuckall company pursuing practices that are detrimental to the climate and destroying the rainforests in Brazil. So, don’t buy Cadbury’s but DO buy from all the rest.






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