Asking for a favour

Today morning, Salma told me about a conversation which she had last week. I just had to put it out in public domain because; well, I just had to.

Diplomatic Woman: Hi Salma, my daughter did not get into ABC School, can you help me out.

Salma: Right now is probably not the right time. My brother just died!

Diplomatic Woman: Ummm. I am sorry for your loss. Can you help me out with my daughter?

Salma: #DaFuck !!

If you are trying to extract a favour from someone there are few things that you must keep in mind.

Rarely does a favour require ‘NO’ effort on the part of the person doing it. But often it depends on the extent to which they are willing to push themselves (the person doing the favour).

If someone is going to put themselves on the line for you, it is important that they LIKE you. Likability and being convinced about somebody being genuine are the factors that determine if someone would be willing to do the favour or not.

What is likeable and what one perceives as genuine are questionable and need to be determined on a case to case basis. The above Diplomatic Woman is neither likeable nor genuine in my opinion!





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  1. in10cityin10 Avatar

    did she begot her daughter after asking Salma? But that’s the world today.. Highly self-centred.. Also texting has made them even worse…. people feel no affection these days while texting..

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