I did not write much last week because there were some difficulties. So I thought that I would write some about difficulty.

There are those who tend to believe that their life is more difficult than the others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every person’s life is littered with challenges, the face, shape and form of it may vary; but they nevertheless exist.

I was watching an interview of Arjun Kapoor yesterday. On the surface: son of a producer, family in films, got a break and has succeeded. Looks easy, does it not. What we don’t get to see is: endured divorce of his parents, watched mother struggle, mother passed away due to cancer, overcame his obesity and made his way up without father’s help.

The challenges can be under-played but they are challenges nevertheless.

Whether you are working or starting a new ventures, difficulties are always going to be there. We realise whether we have the capacity to face it or not only when faced with the challenge.

The grass is almost never greener on the other side. Challenges always exist, there are those who overcome them and there are those who don’t.





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