Evolution of Education – In the world of mobile apps

I was using  Duolingo yesterday and attempting to learn French, which I know fairly well. At the same time, my partner, Salma’s son, Zaid, was using the same app to learn French. As I was going through the various exercises that are a part of the app, I was noticing how quickly Zaid was able to pick up the language using the app. I thought it was absolutely brilliant!

This got me thinking, the MOOC revolution began because it is not possible for some of the best professors in the world to teach a class 1 Million, but given that technology exists, why should the opportunity to learn be taken away from so many individuals who wish to learn.

Now, if technology could replace the professors in total and do an amazing job at instructing students, what happens to these large universities? It got me wondering; that from a business perspective, should the universities not be running helter-skelter to try and acquire these companies. What if Codecademy is able to teach coding better than any course in any university?

Just like the tablets have slowly but steadily been pulling the rug from under the feet of PC makers; would these apps be able to do the same?

In my opinion, for most students, the certificate that they completed education from a certain university makes them employable. The educational apps currently lack that ability to certify. But what if these companies were able to tie-up with employers and employment agencies, to accept their certifications; it would change education forever.

I think universities should watch out! I do not know if what I am discussing will ever happen or if at all it is possible but it is nevertheless worth a thought.





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