Getting off the “Comfortable Chair”

As a part of my work, I come across a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start a business but do not want to quit their job. Now, obviously there is a flaw to this logic.

I liken starting a business to having a baby. There are no half measures to it. When you have a child; for the next few years, you are going to have to provide all of your time and caring to the child in order to nurture and develop the child properly.

So I setup an experiment to illustrate how difficult/futile it is to try and run a business along with a job. I asked a gentleman to start counting from 1 to 100 and at the same time I asked him to recite the table of 1. If he was successful, I ask him to recite the table of 2; with the table of 10 being the ultimate goal. During this entire time, he should also maintain the count from 1 to 100. I am yet to come across anyone who could get past the table of 2.

Analogy: You might get your incorporation and the sorts in order while you are still working, but to get any real business going while still working is highly unlikely. The only way that you may do so is by doing injustice to your job.

Entrepreneurship is an act of risk. One needs to take risks in order to achieve significant goals.

Working a job and starting a company is like trying to stay your half of the field while attempting to score a goal. It is not impossible but highly improbable!






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