Who is going to be the winner in the ride sharing space?

There is a tremendous amount of interest in the autonomous driving technology. There are a lot of companies including big wigs like Google and Apple that seem to have thrown in their hat into the ring. This has caused a lot of car manufacturers to take note and start competing programs or partner with either technology companies or ride hailing companies who would have mountains of data.

There is an elephant in the room though.

There is this huge company that not a lot of people would think about when it comes to self-drive technology: Bosch

They moved in to acquire a ride sharing startup SPLT. This should have sent alarm bells ringing at many companies including Google, Uber and Apple. They have the technology to enable autonomous drive, add ride sharing to that, they can potentially disrupt the entire automobile industry.

Would you have thought that the company that you know about only because of your spark plugs could potentially position itself as such?





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