Hard Work

is for fools!

In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty. ~ Proverbs 14:23

Americans did not invent capitalism. It was around 2000 years before the country even came into being as evidenced above. The Americans perfected it.

There is a myth that is at the heart of capitalism; the harder you work, the more you get paid. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kindergarten teachers are the poorest paid — everywhere in the world — and it takes incredible work to handle 20 kids even with help. They probably have shorter hours than most other professions, but the work, during the hours that they put in is incredibly hard. Take a university professor by comparison. Those who are dedicated, end up running a consulting business on the side as well. Not only that, the universities themselves would easily pay them 20 times the money that the Kindergarten teachers are paid. Hard work gets paid like shit.

Nurses have the unenviable work of not only administering most of the medicines, getting the reading, changing the patient and cleaning them. Unquestionably harder work than the doctors. Doctors probably know more, in terms of medicine, which is what they have been trained in; if they were to undertake the upkeep of a patient, most would be unable to cope. We all know who gets paid more.

This brings us to the CEO as opposed to his workers. In any large company, the CEOs spend most of their time blowing up the money that those working in the company, make. They take a few decisions now and then and take the credit for things running smoothly. Most workers work infinitely harder than the CEO but they are not the ones who get paid the most.

There are just too many jobs in this world, that will take too much work for too little returns. Also, working really hard has never guaranteed more money.

The people who work in finance make the MOST money of any profession in the world. Also, when they screw up monumentally, the American government bails them out and they pay themselves huge bonuses. Their work requires ONLY talking most of the time. Hence proving that Proverbs 14:23 is completely wrong.

Hard work is for fools. Making money often comes down to being educated and having the willingness to be ruthless.

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What we think, we become ~ Buddha

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