How Flipkart exited my life

In February 2012, Amazon launched in India. I was a puritan at the time and wanted to support Indian startups. So I stuck to Flipkart. I would not order on Amazon at all.

I even bought e-Books on Flipkart, which they used to sell at the time. Then the delayed a few orders and shut down their e-book service which resulted in all my books being lost.

I switched to just to buy books at first. Then slowly some more things and soon I was hardly using Flipkart. I became an Amazon convert.

What does this show?

At the end of the day, the product matters the most. Flipkart took its eyes off the ball. It was focused on growth at the expense of the customer and the customers went away.

The video above is just a reflection of how I as a customer slowly and then suddenly moved away from Flipkart.






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