How much can you handle?

It is the things that break you that teach you what you are really made up of.

When you experience the death of a loved one, you learn how much grief you can handle.

When your business fails, you learn how much devastation you can handle.

When love or a friend turns their back on you, you learn how much rejection you can handle.

When you watch a loved one make bad decisions, you learn how much helplessness you can handle.

When you do not get what you thought you deserved in life, you learn how much despair you can handle.

When you know the truth but also know it is best left unsaid, you learn how much discretion you can handle.

When you are needed to lie on somebody’s behalf, you learn how much loyalty you can handle.

What matters at the end is what you take away.

In the movie Rush, the character of Nikki Lauda when asked how he overcame the crash that almost took his lungs says, “A smart man can get more from his enemy than a fool from his friend.”






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