How we see

Self-driving cars are hard to do. Most of the engineering that is currently is focused on making the car see.

Part of the reason for this is the world is actually built for you and I. Our roads are not designed with embedded sensors to help self-driving cars see. Its meant for us to see using the visible spectrum. As our technology progresses and things begin to change, the fundamental question that we need to start asking ourselves is how is our world going to change.

Are we going to start designing things that are easier for the machines to interact with or will we continue to strive to make the machines see things our way?

The starkness of this is very evident in the video that I am embedding below. It shows how different the world looks when you see it in UV light.

What if our eyes had evolved to see UV and not the visible spectrum of the light?

How would we have designed things? What would the world have looked like?






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