Just Imagine

Just imagine, if you were to go back to 2010, tapping a slab of glass a few times and expecting a cab to appear would have seemed like magic. It is commonplace and normal today.

Just imagine, if you were to go back to 1990, sitting and home and clicking a pointing device and accessing an entire library would have seemed like magic. It was commonplace in 2010.

Just imagine, if you were in 1980s Delhi, going to a grocery store and being able to buy milk would have seemed like magic. It was commonplace by late 1990s.

You don’t need to travel centuries to see how our lives have changed. A few years or a decade can be life-altering. Human ingenuity has meant that we have always kept our heads down and kept moving forward.

What is going to seem like commonplace in 2030? Something that solves a problem in a way that you cannot even fathom in 2020?

The current situation has opened up a broader set of possibilities than previously imaginable. Inertia does not exist; apart from in the stock markets. Things are changing fast to reach another ‘commonplace’. Also, unlike the startups that were founded in 2010; you would not even be needed to bribe your user into changing their behaviour. They are in a place where they are more than willing to.

COVID has exposed the fragilities in our systems. The more optimised, the more fragile. In education, transportation, supply chain, healthcare, real estate, hospitality; opportunities are many; solutions are few. Can you let your imagination run wild? Find a solution that seems like magic.

Now is the time – Just imagine.






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