Looking Forward

You can drive a car looking at the rearview mirror, the outcome would not be one that you are going to be pleased with. 

We all lose things in life. Often at that moment, it seems like the hardest thing to go through. You might fail an exam; you may sink your business; you may lose love, or your loved one might pass away. No matter how catastrophic the event, the only option that ultimately delivers is looking ahead. 

Some people choose to look backwards constantly and feel sorry for themselves. Without a doubt, depending on the kind of person you are, there are only two destinations this leads to – depression or suicide. 

Looking forward allows you to focus not on what was lost but on what greater things lie ahead. 

Don’t mistake me, I do not mean to say that one should not feel any sorrow, anger, frustration and myriad other negative emotions; but one should avoid wallowing in it forever.

In life, I have come across two kinds of people.

First, those who look through the windshield and keep moving forward. Second, those who look through the windshield momentarily; only to go back to what is lost to the rear-view mirror.  Often their lives are determined by the attitude they chose to foster.

Always look forward. Always move ahead.

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What we think, we become ~ Buddha

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