Reason to Start early with Entrepreneurship II

Fear is the biggest culprit that keeps people from chasing their dreams. Taking off and not bothering about consequences is not usually an adult thing to do.

If you wish to train a person to become a gymnast, normally you have to start early. This is due to the fact that learning gymnastics involves a lot of falling, young kids fall often anyhow and therefore do not fear falling. By the time a kid ages to 16 years (young adult) the fear of falling has made place in their heart. It becomes rather difficult to train them to be gymnasts.

Entrepreneurship is a road that is similarly laden with many obstacles. As you go through life, the fear of falling/failure makes a firm space in your heart after which it becomes rather hard to take the leap. You tend to think negatively about the consequences. So as they say…

“All the water in the sea cannot sink a ship,
unless the water gets inside the ship.
All the negativity in the world cannot bring you down,
until you do not allow the negativity to make space in your heart.”
~ Anonymous





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