Setting Goals

When you are looking to achieve anything in life, it is extremely important to set goals in place. The question that often comes up is why is it important set things in stone, why can’t goals evolve in the same manner in which the business plan of a company does?

This was the question which was posed to me by a company which I am mentoring. So I explained it like this

Imagine you are standing at one end of the football field and you were just told that you are to take the ball to the other end of the football field. You have to keep going straight and reach the other end. Since there is a lack of clarity in terms of where you must reach, you must just keep going straight. You have no opportunity to take advantage of any other player for the fear of going off the course. It is more like climbing a pole!

Whereas when you have a very clearly defined goal in place, it is possible to strategically plan to reach that end. In such a scenario, the player can pass the ball all over the field with the single minded target of reaching the goal that is set. They can take advantage of synergies and develop their strategies. The entire activity becomes more like climbing a ladder. You are clear when you are making progress and how close you are to reaching the goal.

Therefore it is absolutely important to have a goal set!





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