Startups Club Demo Day

We as a part of Startups Club organise a Demo Day every year. It is an event which promises great opportunities to network with like minded people, while at the same time providing participants an opportunity to mingle with the special invitees who are a part of the event. We assemble a set of speakers, who have been a part of the industry and the startup eco-system and are able to provide a great deal of perspective to one and all. This event also provides 10 startups the ability to pitch their idea to the guest panel and the audience to secure much needed validation and perhaps the opportunity to seek out funding for their venture.

In order to organise and produce this event, we need funds and the entire sum cannot be drawn out of our members since that would put undue burden on them. But the show must go on…

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So in order to make this possible, we seek sponsors and partners who are able to provide us money as well as the support that we need in order to make this day possible. We are privileges this year to have some excellent sponsors and partners who have made this day possible.

VIT-TBI – The Vellore Institute of Technology – Technology Business Incubator has been supporting entrepreneurs for over a decade now. The TBI has some of the best facilities and is extremely well suited for those who are seeking to start a technology business. I have been associated with them for over a year now and the effort that the Incubator commits to its incubatees is phenomenal.

Luxaire Designer Fans – Luxaire is a company based out of Bangalore which took the bold step of introducing luxurious fans to the Indian market. The company has some pretty amazing names in its client list though it is a startup which is just over a year old. They cater mostly to clients with a discerning taste for luxury.

Droog House – Droog House is a cosy and homely serviced apartment located on Nandi Durga Road in Bangalore. The family run property has served as venue for the Bangalore meetup of Startups Club on multiple occasions. They have extremely well appointed rooms and are a wonderful choice for business travellers especially since they are extremely affordable.

StartupBRICS – StartupBRICS is a french blog that covers startups in the BRICS countries. We developed a close relationship with them while we were travelling across France to get an understanding of the eco-system. They have helped promote the Demo Day internationally. We hope to do great things with them in the days, months, and years to come. Stay tuned on this one!

College Fever – A college kid wanted to find out all of the college events going around in India, there was no way of finding out. This frustration resulted in The website aspires to become a platform where all of the college events would be listed and students across the country can find the events that most suite their interest. The site is up to a strong start!

Siam Computing – The company has been involved in the process of offering the services of mobile and web development to various companies in India and internationally. They have used the learnings that they have gathered over the years to develop Hisabing which is a accounting cloud based service.

Trivium Creations – A design house based out of Bangalore, this company aspires to be a design power house. They offer a variety of designing services, though they are best known for their website designs. They sponsored the website for Demo Day and we were really happy with the work that they have done for us. If you need a great website, I would definitely recommend them.

Eyes Envy Media – A photography and videography startup which is in its first few months of operations is sponsoring the photography and videography for the Demo Day. A set of extremely talented and passionate individuals. Check out the pictures of Videos of Demo Day that we post (not on Demo Day, but after). If you like the work, get in touch with them!

Ginserv, TiE, IAN and Hub for Startups are eco-system partners who have been providing us all of the support for promoting the event and provide the guest panel.

We are extremely happy to have had the support and association of all of these wonderful organisations who have made Demo Day possible.






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