Thinking is a double edged sword.

I often advice entrepreneurs to think about what they plan to do. I also advice them to spend time thinking about their business rather than getting down to execution. Thought is a cheap simulation machine that is available to us. The more data you feed (talk to potential customers) it, the better the results.

The other edge of that sword is overthinking. Almost all of us are guilty of it. Overthinking is something that we tend to do with things that are very close to us. Usually relationships, money matters, etc.

Overthinking positively is dreaming, while overthinking negatively is anxiety.

Both can lead to terrible outcomes. If your dream too much you could get delusional but if you become very anxious, you will probably invent problems that may not have ever existed.

Thinking can be your greatest asset but it can also be your greatest enemy. Like most things in life, it’s best to use it in moderation.

Spending time thinking about the things that you are planning to embark on is critical. Find your limit and stop at it. If your thoughts are not adding value; making you see something that you do not already know, STOP.






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