Why can’t we appreciate people when they are alive?


A man who was not being talk about much a day before, dies, and the whole world erupts into mourning. They talk about how much he will be missed and about all of his contributions. I do not understand why people cannot be appreciated when they are still alive? Why is it that they must die to be appreciated?

The same happened when Steve Jobs passed away. Even the people who were the cause of all of his agonies were mourning his loss!

This also happened when Michael Jackson died and many other cases.

There is this actor called Matt LeBlanc. After Friends he did a show called Joey; then he went into oblivion. For those of us, who are a part of the “Friends” generation, most loved Joey the most. But he has been forgotten! Now, god forbid, were he to die, I am sure that the entire world will erupt into mourning. Why can’t we appreciate him more?

Matt LeBlanc is just an example. There are so many more people; known as well as not so well know around us. How many of them do we appropriately appreciate? Or do we wait to regret it later?





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