Your image of yourself

We all have an image of ourselves that we have constructed in our minds. 

I had this image of myself as being that person who loves to play the piano and would imagine myself playing fluently on a keyboard or a piano. Because of this image of myself, I not only spent money on buying a keyboard but also wasted space in my house to accommodate the same. The truth is that I did not need a keyboard, I needed discipline, which was lacking. 

We all are prisoners of the image that we have of ourselves. It is liberating when you realise that reality is divorced from that image. You take a lot of pressure off yourself and you are able to focus on the things that you can actually be disciplined with. 

In my case writing. 

Just take a look at the things around your house that are there just to conform with your idea of who you are. You will often find that those are the things you use the least and most certainly amass the most, to compensate for the fact that you suck at it. Here are a list of things and the excuses you offer yourself – 

Musical Instruments – I love playing, just learning it slowly.

Books – I love reading, there are just so many books I have, it is hard to make up my mind which one to start with…

Workout Equipment – I have decided that I will start exercising next year as my new year’s resolution.

Cookware – I could be the greatest chef. I am just watching a lot of videos, for now, will start making it soon.

and the list goes on…

Get rid of it.

Liberate yourself. Make the image in your mind consistent with reality.






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