Tag: AI

  • AI

    What we call AI today is going to commonplace tomorrow and considered rather rudimentary. When will human intelligence get the same amount of hype that AI gets?

  • Striking Hollywood

    The only industry that has got wealth distribution properly sorted is on the precipice. The capitalists do not want labour to have it their way this time.

  • AI as a Rorschach Test

    Is AI really going to destroy the world? How?

  • AI Cartel

    The world is filled with cartels, Oil, Nuclear, Drug, Tech. Now we must get ready for the AI Cartel.

  • AI and Jobs

    Most jobs that you see around the world monetise a specific knowledge that a person possesses. An accountant knows to account and you pay him/her to do it. This knowledge is transferable, the work is pretty repetitive and can be easily turned into an algorithm. Do you know the kind of knowledge that is hardest…