AI and Jobs

Most jobs that you see around the world monetise a specific knowledge that a person possesses. An accountant knows to account and you pay him/her to do it. This knowledge is transferable, the work is pretty repetitive and can be easily turned into an algorithm.

Do you know the kind of knowledge that is hardest to monetise? Creative skills. Take a writer or a painter. Their work is not repetitive, their knowledge cannot be easily transferred and each time they take a risk.

Risk aversion is built into everything that we do. Therefore, we make it harder for those who are willing to take the risk.

Even in the repetitive, transferrable job of an accountant, there is more than just the knowledge that they bring to the table. If you want to see how creative accountants can be, you need to look no further than Enron, or perhaps the Indian government! They make things better, influence another human and raise the game.

The capitalistic system necessitates standardisation and repeatability. Standardisation brings scale. This, in turn, means that you strip the human of their creativity and turn them into cogs that are doing repetitive work. All of this is pursued in the name of productivity and greater efficiency.

In this pursuit, we have stripped education of encouraging and imbibing curiosity. Education today only plays the role of setting a person up to be a perfect mule. All creativity is stripped out of a person over 15 years systematically.

Almost every service we use sucks because people do not contribute as humans. They are contributing as a replaceable cog who is uninspired to do better.

And the capitalists that have brought this fate upon millions on humans, now, dare to replace them with code. AI systems that are great Cogs. They are not inspired or creative. They will do a said repeatable task efficiently.

Where does this take us?

A creative revolution. A revolution where humans will discover that they were capable of a lot more than what they were holding themselves back to. A place where capitalists will realise that the value lost to creativity is greater than standardised repeat work. A renaissance where we see some amazing leaps in politics, arts, sciences that open the doors for a new phase of humanity.


Will be let AI replace us and agree to live on the alms that capitalists give away in the name of Universal Basic Income.

I hope it is the former






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