Author: Vivek Srinivasan

  • Cheap is the enemy of the environment

    The cheaper that we have made goods the more the environment bears the cost

  • Dying Cities

    Large cities experienced a huge exodus during the pandemic in 2020, many are resisting returning to the cities and even more are resisting returning to office. What happens to such cities?

  • Quality of Life

    There is a narrative that paints life as a constant march of progress. This would be true only if you cherry pick facts.

  • Urban Fire

    Urban Fires were a relic of the bygone era. Climate change is bringing them back. How are we going to prepare for it?

  • Causes

    It is important to get to the root of the problem but in many cases, we often satisfy ourselves with finding the first thing that we can and putting all the blame on it.

  • AI

    What we call AI today is going to commonplace tomorrow and considered rather rudimentary. When will human intelligence get the same amount of hype that AI gets?

  • Incandescent Bulb

    The Incandescent bulb has been around for a hundred years, it has been dying slowly, not it will die suddenly.

  • Virtuous Resumé

    A great resumé guarantees almost nothing. Unfortunately, it is the only thing that recruiters look at to exclude candidates.

  • How much can you handle?

    Every hardship teaches you how much you can handle.

  • Striking Hollywood

    The only industry that has got wealth distribution properly sorted is on the precipice. The capitalists do not want labour to have it their way this time.