In India, when individuals set out to found companies, they rarely think about the need for a co-founder. They set out to do what they wish to do, without much thought about building their team. What is even more shocking is that most of them think that they would be able to hire people in the areas that they do not understand such as coding/programming!

It takes teams to build a successful business and it takes teams to bring complementary skill-sets to overcome the shortcomings of one person. This point is often lost on entrepreneurs. Not only this, we live in a society of such trust deficit, founders/people with ideas do not wish to share the business that they are in the process of creating with anybody. They want to own it all. The goal is not to own it all, but to maximise the value of what you own!

Team building is probably the first and the most important skill required to be an entrepreneur. It is important to have co-founder(s). The plurality brings greater perspective and a larger network, both of which are key for success.

If you wish to start a business, go find a co-founder!





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