Knowledge Vs Success

The Intuitively Assumed Knowledge Success Curve


It is often assumed that as your knowledge increases, you become more successful. If there is a particular subject about which you have greater and greater knowledge, you would assume that you would be more accomplished in that area and hence more successful as well. Let us say you played cricket and the more you learn about the game (I am assuming knowledge increases through practice), the more you would expect to be successful in the game, is it not?

The actual Knowledge Success curve

Knowledgecureve real

In reality, the success that you achieve grows exponentially after you reach a certain critical mass. Therefore, many times you feel that you are ploughing away at a problem continuously without getting much in terms of success or breakthroughs. It is important to reach the inflection point, when things start changing for you. When you reach that point, you always end up thinking; “Why didn’t I do that before?”

As an entrepreneur it is important to keep scraping away at the problem, keep working on it continuously and relentlessly. You will never know where the inflection point lies but perseverance invariably pays off.





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