Manufacturing and Jobs

There was a time when the hinterland was where all the jobs went. People in the cities bought what was produced in the hinterland. Then shipping and air transportation took off big time and it made more sense to transport things that to produce them in your own country. It was easier to specialise and transport than it was to generalise.

As technology and manufacturing evolved this is going to start moving back in the opposite direction.

Adidas has come up with they call a Speedfactory which brings all part of manufacturing into a small area. (See link the illustration is just brilliant!)

With the advent of 3D printing and customisation there is no more sense in undertaking manufacturing at remote destinations. It is easier to do individual pieces based on customer requirements at the location where the delivery needs to happen. Adidas seems to have found a way to do this. Given that they are not a startup, I am sure they have figured out how to do this profitably as well.

This is not a question of manufacturing but one of jobs. How do you think this will impact how job creation takes place in the future?






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