Tag: climate

  • Cheap is the enemy of the environment

    The cheaper that we have made goods the more the environment bears the cost

  • Urban Fire

    Urban Fires were a relic of the bygone era. Climate change is bringing them back. How are we going to prepare for it?

  • Indian Monsoon

    The monsoon has been disrupted in a big way this year, will this become the normal course?

  • $100 Billion Climate Pledge

    A great wealth transfer is taking place under the pretence of climate reparation

  • Taxing Carbon Selectively

    The EU wants to tax carbon but not in ways that would hurt its economy.

  • Whether we can weather the Weather | Learning by Proxy

    Usually, weather updates are for the end but I guess we need to start this one with some updates. If we had left it to our forefathers they would have just thought that the gods are angry with us. Unfortunately, we cannot brush this one away that easily. Climate Change is real and it is…

  • Learning by Proxy | COVID Climate

    While climate change has been a topic of intense conversation, no world leader would have come anywhere close to forcing the kind of change that COVID has done. It also makes you wonder if nature knows how to protect itself. Snuff out the virus called Humans. It is also causing industries to alter in unthinkable…

  • Learning by Proxy | Climate>COVID

    COVID has had a huge impact on business in general. Some businesses have been heavily hurt while others not so much. Some are even thriving [healthcare, except in the US]. To me, this just seems like a glimpse of what is to come when the climate goes off the handle. Reminds of a cartoon. COVID…

  • COVID-19 and the changing world | Learning by Proxy

    During a conversation a few weeks back, a friend suggested that I create a digest of things that one should be reading about. Since I read hundreds of blogs each day, it might be worth sharing some of the undercurrents that I notice. So I am starting this series called ‘You need to know this’.…